Sunday, April 20, 2008

FO Parade: Part One



(One interesting thing about college that I had not foreseen: finding somewhere outside to take blog pictures without looking like some sort of crazy person who takes pictures of her feet. I decided on the woods behind my dorm, but then spent the next 45 minutes picking bits of moss off the socks, so this is clearly not a permanent solution...)

Pattern: Charade from I May Be Knitting a Ranch House
Yarn: Regia Silk
Needles: #1 Silvalume DPNs

These are the highly awaited second pair of socks for Viking Boy. They are nowhere near as cool as the first pair but it's hard to beat Eunny Jang and Lorna's Laces. That said, I liked this pattern well enough and probably would like these socks more if I were less disappointed with Regia Silk. It's gloriously soft when knit at a loose gauge and my mum has knit a darling little baby hat out of it, but it just doesn't work up nicely at the tight gauge required for long-lasting socks. It looked worn out and pilly by the time I was finished knitting the socks. I have three more skeins of it and may use two to knit a colorwork hat, but will probably exchange the third. I am generally unimpressed.

Fortunately, I scored some sweet LL in Cedar in an awesome trade with Grumperina, so with any luck the next pair is going to kick ass. They may involve viking runes.

Tomorrow: Yarn Harlot in Seattle, if I can drag my ill arse out of bed in order to get on a train. Also: how long can one girl survive entirely off Saltine crackers?

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