Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's been a long time, baby

Woo golly, haven't posted here in a while. I've moved to Olympia and started at Evergreen, if that's any sort of excuse. I've been busy enough that it took getting laid up with the flu to get me back on the blog (even though I should be reading). It seems like the flu is traveling around the blogosphere and that makes me wonder if it is scientifically possible to catch diseases from your blog roll. Maybe.

I've got a big bundle of unposted FOs, as per usual, but I don't have the energy to copy that many URLs right I leave you with a picture of my (second) handspun. This top from The Fiber Denn on Etsy. I just found her shop through an Etsy search and I most thrilled with it.


It seems I have figured out the secret to cover up my crappy beginner spinning: pretty colors! That said, despite its admitted crapiness, I am entirely enamored with it. I feel like new mother. It is, without a doubt, the most amazing yarn in the entire world, because it is beautiful and I MADE IT WITH MY HANDS. I sit around petting it and making my floor mates look at it and admiring the peachy tequila sunrise colors and where the blackberry and grape marl on each other. Once I learn how to get rid of the big fluffy bits that come from joining a new strip I am going to be unbearable.

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