Sunday, February 24, 2008

I give up

How to knit a pair of knee socks:

Start with a wonderful, easy to follow pattern. Cast on. Knit with a freakish level of enjoyment.

Get ass kicked by short row heel.

Rip. Hide socks in shame.

Pick them up again, return to stockinette honeymoon.

Get distracted while watching dog show, realize you've made four inches worth of increases up the front of the leg.

Rip. Hide socks with bitter resentment.

Knit ribbing in contrasting color. Realize you didn't plan where you started the contrasting color. Decide it'll be okay. Realize you started it in the middle of the front of the leg.


Start ribbing in back of leg, knit 1" of ribbing, decide you'd rather have a picot edge.


Start picot edge. Remember that the ribbing was going to add height that the picot edge will not. Decide it will be okay. Try sock on. It's not okay.


Knit additional length in main color. Work picot edge.

Sewn down hems using TECHknitting's tutorial.

Thread elastic through picot edge, both to hold socks up and to prevent picot edge from flaring out.

Take pictures.

Look closely at pictures. Realize you made the picot edges two different heights.

Decide it will be okay because you can not bear to rip again. It will be okay. It will be okay.

And because I have been calling them my Carhartt socks, it's only appropriate to illustrate why they are so named:

It says something quite disturbing about my personal fashion sense that in order to take that picture I had to choose between my multiple pairs of Carhartts.

Carhartt socks from Diana's knee sock pattern
Trekking XXL in green/olive, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in charcoal
#1 Silvalume DPNs

In other news, I just got a new old Mac (it's a PowerBook G4). I love it madly but good lord it's like a whole different language. The only thing that completely baffles me is using iPhoto, so if the pictures are extraordinarily huge, that's why, apologies.


mel said...

They look great - and I can't see the difference in the picot edge in the picture. Put the carhartt's on and no one else will ever know either :) Enjoy them, you won out after all!!

Brie said...

Gorgeous socks, hilarious post. I like the picot edge and I, too, couldn't see the difference.

Kimba said...


I need helps...

You are leaving soon. Like, really really really really soon.

I'm scared.

I had better see you on Tuesday. Else I may cry 293472 tears.


Kimba said...

Those socks are totally bitchin. I do recall some radically bodacious german flag yarn that's begging to be made into some wicked awesome socks...*cough*cough*

I have your baby camel still. It's mail to make sure I see you before you leave!


Anonymous said...

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