Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Speaking of the sweater that pilled a lot, I realized I hadn't posted it. Have you figured out that this blog is erratic at best and I am absolutely shameless about it? But I'm actually really stoked about this sweater. And also a little bitter. I finally knit a sweater that fits me absolutely perfectly, that I want to wear every day, and it pills to the extent that it is practically shameful to wear. Go figure.


(Apparently it also makes my boobs look strange. I will pretend that is not the case.)

I spent YEARS trying to figure out the chart I wanted for the yoke of this sweater. Then I saw ikkinetic’s Lopi sweater and I fell madly in love. It was perfect. I wanted my sweater to look exactly like it. So, with much squinting at the computer screen, I, er, ripped off the design. Mea culpa, Lopi. The wee yellow flecks were a bit of last-minute duplicate stitch when I thought that space looked "empty," but I really think they tie the whole thing together.


You can't really see the yoke design with my hair in the way. I wish I could say that this was why I got an a-line hair cut - so as to better show off the yokes of my sweaters...


...but it was entirely coincidence.

I also made the World’s Biggest Dumbass Steek Mistake (a.k.a. WBDSM - please note the similarity to BDSM a.k.a. bondage/sado-masochism - I am convinced this is not coincidence and that maybe I have been listening to the Savage Lovecast too much?).


I wanted the henley button-band to be the equivalent of about five stitches wide, so when I got to the yoke, I cast off five stitches. What I didn’t do was cast on more than five stitches for the steek, because I am the world’s biggest ass hat. This meant that I had three stitches for the crochet steek, and one stitch on either side for picking up the button band. This is about as close as you can cut it (I cannot help but pun, it is my great curse in life) and there was definitely a moment when I thought this sweater was doomed and I was going to have to rip out the entire yoke and use the yarn for the kindling of my self-immolating fire. I think I got cocky after the garter yoke cardigan. For god’s sake people, don’t mix hubris and steeking.

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