Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Full-steam ahead

I'm sick. I've been sounding whiny in the blog lately, but I'm pretty sure the "oh my god I'm so exhausted" complaint and the "hey wait, now I'm sick too?!" complaints are largely connected.

There is a pretty good chance that what I'm about to do is connected to those two issues, too.

So I have this cone of yarn, and I am crazy for it.

Pomegranate Cone

I really want to knit a Gathered Pullover out of it, but I have a problem. This yarn pills like crazy. I know it pills like crazy. I've knit a sweater out of it before and I barely wear it, even though I love it, because the pilling is totally out of control.

It's Nature Spun Sport. I have a Shedir knit out of Nature Spun Worsted that hasn't pilled at all, so I had a plan to knit this up into a cabled sweater, hoping that the tighter gauge and cables and stuff would somehow "contain" the pills. But I don't really feel like knitting or wearing a cabled sweater right now. I want my friggin' Gathered Pullover. The G.P. is knit at an extremely loose gauge, but I'm thinking I'll knit mine at a "normal" gauge for the yarn to lower that risk of pilling. But I still know this sweater is going to pill, and I don't know if I should just knit it, love it and get myself a sweater shaver, or pull my head out of my arse and realize how stupid I'm being.

So, starting a new sweater, with a yarn that I know pills, at the wrong gauge for the pattern, while I'm sick and brain dead - bad idea, or, in a sort of shoot-the-moon-what-more-could-go-wrong-the-knitting-fates-won't-know-what-hit-'em sort of way, genius?

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alligator said...

Get a sweater shaver! They will stop pilling eventually and in the meantime you just shave them off. I had a sweater that I loved and didn't wear due to pills.
The sweater shaver totally fixed it. Also it is fun to shave your sweaters and your roommates/friends/associates will give you strange looks if you tell them what you are doing.