Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's like a miracle

Okay, so I'll admit that I am pretty skeptical towards bulky yarn & its proponents. This is probably due to working in a yarn shop and being horrified at watching hundreds of beginning knitters convince themselves that it will be easiest to learn to knit with Twinkle Soft Chunky & size 19 needles, which is possibly the hardest possible way to learn to knit, but I digress. If I wanted speed, I would buy the hat, not knit it.

Now I'm forced to admit that they may have a point.

This is how much hat I can knit in one lecture on Russian nationalist music of the 19th century.


That's just Glinka through Borodin! We haven't even gotten to Mussorgsky! It's fast. Seriously fast. This is the second of these hats (Wool Ease Thick n' Quick) I've knit in a week for my roommate, and I'm kind of hooked on them. Hopefully this one will be less trouble than the first, which ended up being a) pointy and b) far too long.


It has been rectified with much cutting and frogging. Pretty intensive surgery, really. I've been using the Marsan Watchcap pattern as a guide, casting on 64 stitches and dividing the hat into 4 sections of 16 for the decreases. The thing about this hat is to knit far less than you'd expect before beginning the decreases: they add a lot more height than your average swirl-top.

Oh, and the period-appropriate snow? All my fault. I brought my non-waterproof shoes out of storage this weekend. Oops.

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