Sunday, February 1, 2009

Speaking of yarn...

Did I tell you I finished my Navajo-plying?!

More importantly, did I tell you that I am friggin' OBSESSED?!


Look! Yarn! About 40 yards of the crappiest, most inconsistent faux-3-ply in the universe and I am crazy for it.


That's right. It went really, really well. I think this was largely do to the fact that I watched a lot of videos (or mostly this one, over and over - love the slowmo), read a lot of tutorials about it, and then had a week where I was too busy to actually try it, so I just obsessively acted it out in my head for six days. (And occasionally practiced the hand motions under my desk during lecture. I'm sure no one noticed. Right.)

This seems like a seriously good way to tackle it - familiarize yourself with it abstractly, then attempt. Maybe. Maybe this method will utterly fail you. But me, now I want to Navajo-ply everything. So. Much. Fun.


It may appear that this photo is blurry. I acquiesce that it may be slightly blurry, but would also suggest that it is really the yarn that is blurry.

Oh! And the best thing about this yarn?! It has first-time spinner voodoo in it! My friend Katie was over and was bullied into expressed interest in spinning.


I am posting this blurry picture instead of one of the several non-blurry pictures that I have of this monumental event because she was making an expression of extreme concentration that was not the most flattering and probably not something she wants posted on the internet; because I like the idea that she was actually just spinning REALLY FAST; and because I am hoping that if it is blurry you won't notice the peanut butter jar sitting on the window sill by my bed and won't come to think that I am the sort of weirdo who sits in bed and eats peanut butter out of the jar. Because I'm totally not. Really. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Katie. Spinning.

Look at her first yarn. Does it ever freak you out when you're teaching someone a skill, and they are infinitely better at it than you were when you started, and you get this vision of how good they will be if they keep at it and then you get a strange swooping sensation of darkness in your brain?


She has serious powers. My first yarn looked like the wool equivalent of mashed potatoes. Lucky for her, her birthday is coming up, so she's getting my old spindle. She says she wants shots, but I know better. Every college girl wants dead technology for her 21st birthday, right?

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cosymakes said...

ha! i roped my friend sarah into learning to spin with me and she was WAY better than me. and here i sit with the fiber arts career. it's all silly.