Monday, May 12, 2008

The Birth of the Smooshy Garter Yoke Sweater

I am allowed to be this excited about a sweater?

Because I am.


Two sleeves and half a body, soon to become this:


I've been having the irresistible urge to knit a sweater lately, but after frogging Vebjorg I couldn't bring myself to buy more yarn when I'd have two sweaters' worth just marinating in the stash. (The other belongs to the colorwork yoke sweater I've been designing on and off for a year...more on that some other time.) I'm sure I will look back on this statement and laugh, but having sweater amounts of stash yarn just seems wild to me.

So various brainstorming and sketches later, I had a glorious smooshy garter yoke sweater. I'm sort of following EZ's seamless yoke sweater scheme, but using my own numbers for stitch count (shaping and such discerned from the fantastic Magic Formula and Waist Shaping sections in Stitch n' Bitch nation). I know it looks like Cobblestone, but it's more inspired by the February Baby Sweater & the Tangled Yoke Cardigan.

I'm knitting it in the round up to the beginning of the garter stitch yoke, where I'll divide it so I can work the garter stitch in back & forth all-knit rows. I'll steek the front of the stockinette body once I'm done. I'm quite excited and have been knitting it obsessively. It probably could have been done by now except my hands are absolutely killing me lately so I'm taking the week off.

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mckenzie said...

Got it done yet? I still haven't finished my EZ yoke yet. Rumour has reached me that you'll be back soon. Bring that sweater and we can finish our yoke sweater zusammen.