Monday, December 10, 2007

In which Viking Boy earns some serious Brownie Points

I was watching a movie with said Viking Boy, working on the Navy socks when he inquired as to why I was working on these socks instead of his socks. (He knows that the Navy socks are not his socks because I have taken to working on his socks in front of him since he lost his glasses. He knows they are grey, and socks, but cannot see anything else.) I explained that these were going to be his socks if I should not finish the Bayerische socks in time, since I had encountered the aforementioned problem of them being much too small for him.

His response: "That's okay. I like tight socks."

I then explained that I didn't think he understood, these socks fit me, they would be much too small for him.

"That sounds perfect."

To prove my point, I made him try on one of the near-finished Navy socks. He responded that they really fit more like slippers (I assure you, these socks fit him perfectly) so the far too small ones should fit just how he liked.

Which means I don't have to reknit them. Saints preserve us.

He then agreed to wear the one finished Navy sock to bed, and in all likelihood would have done so had I not realized that I didn't have a yarn needle to graft the toe.

He is a keeper.

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