Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hear ye

Happy Valentine's Day y'all. I'm not normally the type to point that out to you, since I'm usually firmly in the bitter anti-Valentine's Day camp, but strangely, this year I am not full of spite. Maybe this is a sign of personal growth? Maybe it is because I am going to an exciting Valentine's Day dance party tonight (I briefly toyed with the possibility of making heart-shaped Jello shots for the occasion, but fortunately the fates prevented me from actually putting this depraved plan into action).

So here, to further inflame the passions of the anti-Valentine's Day party, is my personal contribution to the world of vaguely artsy Valentine's Day blog photos.


You will note that it contains both red (a certain swatch) and Hershey's kisses (procured from my roommate for "photographic purposes only" - as an aside, did you know that apparently Hershey's chocolate now contains more vegetable oil than actual chocolate? Is this at all surprising?).

I feel this is sufficiently festive. I may even celebrate by casting on the project this swatch belongs to. Any guesses? (Hint: it is not the Gathered Pullover. I am nothing if not fickle.)

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