Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am not sure what to write about this Shetland Triangle, because knitting it was possibly the most boring thing I've done since the last time I took a math class. I was so excessively bored with it that it languished, for months, needing only the peaked edging, but I couldn't bring myself even to do that. Finally, I pulled through and started knitting the edging, only to run out of yarn and have to RIP out the edging and a pattern repeat and start it over. I could have burned the thing. But enough. I am glad it is finished, because it is very pretty. But never again.

Laid Flat 2

Laid Flat

Close Up Lace

I will almost certainly always wear it like this...

Around Neck

But it is good to know that I can wear it like this...


...for reasons I cannot yet begin to form.

After taking the above pictures, I decided that what this post could use was a little pizazz. What would be the perfect bloggy picture? But of course! I would model it on one of my mother's beautiful black Tennessee Walkers. The contrast of red on black, the elegance, oh yes, it was perfect.

The other horses had their grazing muzzles on, so I recruited the baby, Rivers.

He was enthusiastic, but not particularly cooperative. Most of my pictures turned out like this:



Mostly, he likes to eat things. I suppose I should have forseen this.

Rivers Chomping

I finally got a couple shots, though he completely ignored me when I attempted to turn him so the light was better.



Which begs the question: how does a horse wear a shawl, anyway?

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Brie said...

It's a beautiful shawl, and I love the horse and shawl pictures.