Sunday, November 30, 2008

Animals as knitwear models, revisited


Snoop is not amused.


Elliphantom's Herringbone Mittens, sans poms
Berocco Ultra Alpaca frogged from ill-fated Norah Gaughan Stag Bag. (Apologies for all the Ravelry links, but I have a friend I'm trying to convince to join Ravelry and I need to show her what she's missing. Also, I have forgotten how to link anywhere else. I must have linked somewhere before Ravelry, but it must have been much harder.)
Bamboo #3's, next time I will go up to 4's for proper thumb coverage. My stupid fucking mitten thumbs are always too fucking small and it drives me insane!


Brie said...

Cute mittens and I love the dog picture. And my thumbs always come out too small, too.

cosymakes said...

ha! my dog would never had her paws in those.

but they are beautiful and will, i'm sure, keep someone's paws warm.